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Notice: In the event of an improper or incorrect account deduction and(or) a document copying malfunction, contact Allegheny web support by clicking here, or the Support link in the grey menu bar or 1(866)211-1802.
Acceptance ACCEPT
Administratix   ADRX  
Administrator ADR
Agency   AGCY  
Agreement AGRT
Assignment   ASGMT  
Association ASN
Attorney In Fact   BY AIF  
Authority AUTH
Avenue   AVE  
Backed BCKD
Bank & Trust   BK & T  
Bankruptcy BNKRPT
Board   BD  
Borough BORO (only if not last word)
Boulevard   BLVD  
Builder BLDR
Builders   BLDRS  
Building BLDG
Building & Loan   B & L  
By Department of Real Estate BY D R E
By Director of Court Records   BY D C R  
By Receiver BY REC
Certificate   CTF  
Certificates CTFS
Clerk of Court   BY C O C  
Commonwealth COMWTH
Company   CO  
Condominium CONDO
Congregation   CONGREG  
Conservator CONSRV
Consumer   CONS  
Consumer Discount Company CONS DISC CO
Corporation   CORP  
Covenant COVT
Credit   CR  
Custodian CUST
Declaration   DECL  
Department DEP
Development   DEVELOP  
Developments DEVELOPS 
District   DIST  
Districts DISTS
Drive   DR  
Employee EMP
Employees   EMPS  
Environmental ENVRMTL
Episcopal   EPIS  
Estate EST
Executor   EXR  
Executrix EXRX
Federal   FED  
Fund FD
General   GENL  
Government  GOVT
Guardian   GDN  
Heights HGHTS
Highway   HWY  
Housing HOUS
Incorporated   INC  
Insurance INS
Internal Revenue Service   INT REV SERV  
International INTERNATL
Investment   INVEST  
Investments INVESTS
Lebanon   LEBN  
Life LF
Life Insurance Company   LF INS CO  
Limited LTD
Limited Partnership   L P  
Management MGMT
Mortgage   MTG  
Mortgages   MTGS  
Mount MT
Mutual   MUTL  
National NATL
National Association   N A  
Parkway PKY
Partnership   PRTSHP  
Pension PENS
Personal Representative   PERS REP  
Pittsburgh PGH
Profit Sharing PRO SHAR
Public   PUB  
Redevelopment REDEVELOP
Rehabilitation   REHAB  
Residential RESIDENT
Restrictive   RESTRICT  
Retirement RETIRE
Road   RD  
Route RTE
Saving   SVG  
Savings SVGS
Savings & Loan Association   S & L ASN  
Savings Association SVGS ASN
School   SCHL  
School District SCHL DIST
Secretary   SEC  
Series SER
Sheriff Deed   BY SHFF  
Society SOC
Street   ST  
Through THRU
Township   TWP (only if not last word)
Trustee TRSTE
Trustees   TRSTES  
United States Marshall BY U S MRSHL
Urban URB
Veterans   VETS  
Volunteer VOL
Works   WKS  
All coporations that begin with a number (i.e. 1340 Liberty Avenue) will be indexed with the 
first number spelled out, followed by the name of the company (i.e. ONE 1340 Liberty Ave).
We will not put ONE THOUSAND, only the first number, which is ONE.
These abbreviations are not used for the first word of a corporation or name.  They are only
used outside of the first word.  The first word must be spelled out completely.
The only 2 symbols we use when indexing are & (SHFT+7) and * (SHFT+8).
Note: All states are abbreviated by their 2 letter post office code as long as the state is not
the first word.  (i.e. Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania would be indexed as Citizens Bank PA).

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